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Mayor challenges Federal budget cost shifting

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The Mayor of Roper Gulf Regional Council has expressed concern that the freezing of the indexation of Federal Assistance Grants has left rural and remote Councils missing an important and expected funding boost.

“These grants were set to increase with the Consumer Price Index and expected population growth over the next four years but with the Federal budget these have now been frozen.” Mayor Jack explained.

“It is communities like ours that will be hit the hardest as we rely on the Federal Assistance Grants more heavily than urban local government due to our relatively low rates base. We often have large road networks that need constant maintenance and costs never faced by urban areas. This is going to effect most rural and remote local governments,” he added.

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Latest Roper Gulf Regional Council Newsletter

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RGRC Regional Plan 2014-2015

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Roper Gulf Regional Council adopted its Regional Plan at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 25 June 2014.

The adopted plan is now out and available to all. The Regional Plan 2014-2015 includes information on RGRC’s overall structure, planning framework, service delivery locations and programs, town priorities for 2014-2015 and overall budget including the rates declaration & fees and charges. To view full plan please  download pdf link>>

Mayor commend Sustainable Budget and Regional Plan 2014-2015

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Roper Gulf Regional Council has completed its Budget Plan for 2014 – 2015, its largest budget in the five years since the Local Government was formed in 2008. The 2014 -2015 budget and Regional Plan were approved by Council at its recent meeting in 25 of June.

Mayor Tony Jack is up beat about the budget,

“Our budget is sound and sustainable and reflects the growth in our area. We have a good cash flow and a very sound financial future”, Mayor Tony Jack said.

“Even in this time of fiscal restraint as being dictated by both the Northern Territory and Australian Governments there is strong confidence in Roper Gulf Regional Council’s ability to deliver services in the region in a very sustainable manner.

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